Annual Waiver Submittal Instructions

IMPORTANT: Waivers must be submitted every year by the athlete and their legal guardian. Coaches are not permitted to submit a waiver on a rower’s behalf.

There are two online waivers that need to be signed; one for CBC and one for USRowing.  Each are good for 1 year.

US Rowing

  1. Go to US Rowing
  2. Enter your contact info and Cambridge Rindge and Latin for the team.  The Club Code for our team is BSK4V.
  3. There are two levels, Basic ($25) or Champ ($65).  While the Basic is required for participation in our local and state races and to row off of our dock, the Championship level is required to compete at the USRowing sponsored Regional and National regattas.  CRLS attends the New England Regional Regatta in May.
  4. If you are having difficulty with signing up or need financial assistance, please speak to a coach.

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