Uniforms & Clothing

General Information

Practices in the spring will be cold so expect to wear layers and limit the amount of cotton.  Windbreakers are very helpful in the beginning of this season. Close fitting clothes are best so they don’t get caught in the equipment.

The students should acquire rowing shorts/running shorts for warmer practices and tights for cold practices. Socks must be worn in the boat. Please bring athletic shoes for running to every practice.

Athletes also get wet from splashing oars and wet boats, so clothing should NOT be cotton. Cotton stays wet longer than synthetic material and therefore is colder. Practice is mostly outdoors so athletes need to be warm even when wet.


– Socks should be wool or synthetic in the cold seasons. Rowers strap into shoes that are shared in the boat so socks are always necessary.
– Warm hats are important in cold weather and baseball caps and sun glasses help keep the sun off in warm weather.
– Running shoes should be worn in the event of any dryland workouts.

Winter running and biking clothing is also often appropriate for cold weather rowing. Some local places to purchase warm lycra or spandex clothing locally are:

  • Dicks Sporting Goods
  • New Balance Outlet
  • Local Bike shops
  • Target in Cambridge, Somerville or Watertown
  • REI in Boston or Reading
  • At the Head of the Charles finish line expedition tent, rowing vendors sell very reasonably priced rowing clothing.

Coach Favorites for cold weather

  • vests
  • splash jackets
  • long tops
  • tights
  • pogies/socks/hats

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