Team Awards

CRLS Crew has achieved tremendous success as a competitive elite rowing program. In the process of building fast, strong, intimidating crews and holding our team to the highest standards as student-athletes, we seek to recognize those additional qualities we value highly as a community, which make our team strong. The awards below are given to honor those student-athletes who go above and beyond the common.

Bill Becklean Award

The Bill Becklean Award is given out to the rare athlete. The award therefore is not given out every year, but rather only when an athlete so greatly exemplifies the values of the team and the spirit of Coach Bill Becklean that its awarding is warranted.

This athlete consistently demonstrates commitment to the team by showing up on time, prepared, with a positive attitude and an eager mindset. Their passion for the sport is seen not only through their excellence as an individual, but through their ability to inspire excellence in those around them. They are compassionate. They are dedicated. They are selfless. They embody all of the qualities and characteristics that make Coach Bill Becklean an invaluable member of our community.

Coach’s Award

The Coach’s Award is given to the athlete who, on a daily basis, helps the team run seamlessly. Their attitude and effort are key to establishing a team culture that positively reflects the values of CRLS Crew. Their selflessness, leadership, and eagerness to take initiative allows the coaching staff to work, without having to work harder to get the team on board.

2015-2016 Isabella Gray (’16) and Alex Shulman (’16)
2014-2015 Giulia Johnson (’17) and Jake Steinberg (’17)
2013-2014 Anna Jeffers (’15) and Ben Schooler (’14)

Falcon Award

The Falcon Award is about athleticism. It’s about grit. It’s about spirit. Passion. Commitment. The Falcon Award is given to the most dedicated athlete on the team. The athlete who goes above and beyond what could ever be expected of them, with no expectation of anything in return.

2015-2016 Bella Jaffe (’17) and Sepehr Khansalar (’16)
2014-2015 Phoebe Hyland (’17) and Yuri Goto (’15)
2013-2014 Noa Randall (’14) and Nick Clover (’14)

The Hammer

The Hammer Award is typically given to the athlete with the fastest erg score. It’s awarding can also be determined at the coach’s discretion and will always be given to the athlete who demonstrates the greatest effort and accomplishment toward physical excellence.

2015-2016 Kate Lummis (’17) and Jackson Hardin (’18)
2014-2015 Kate Lummis (’17), Veronika Potter (’18), and Zach Rothenberg (’16)
2013-2014 Eva DiIanni-Miller (’15) and Jordan Browne (’14)

Tough As Nails Award

The Tough As Nails Award is given to the novice athlete who faces any challenge the team throws their way with a positive attitude and a smile on their face. They’re committed to constant improvement and contributing to the team any chance they get.

2015-2016 Sara Jackson-MacManus (’17) and Willem Parman (’19)
2014-2015 Samantha Liu (’17) and Sam Peck (’18)
2013-2014 Giulia Johnson (’17), Sophie Mark-Ng (’17), Sepehr Khansalar (’16), and Nima Mortezaeian-Abkenar (’14)

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