CRLS Wins (and Keeps) the Davison Cup!


We kept the Davison Cup! Several of the varsity boys were heard scheming to have it at home to eat cereal from. It was a good day of racing, but I understand it was pretty rough at the start, with waves to the gunwales and coxswains being blinded by splashes. Under these conditions there were a few cases of racing interference. Our rowers and coxswains handled it with poise and maturity, putting to use the skills they learned from their coaches.

Thank you to coaches Dale, James, Anna, and Dan for spending their Saturday with our kids, and thank you to the athletes who were not rowing today but came along and helped nonstop.

Thank you to the race ops parents, Alex, Howard, and Winnie, and to Claire for food coordination, and to Mark and Helen for helping. I always leave out a couple of helpers – sorry!

Thanks to Winnie for the photo.


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