All interested participants must complete and/or comply with the following  items BEFORE the season begins. If ANY of these are not completed, the athlete will be sent home immediately and not allowed to return until everything is in order.

1) Maintain excellent Academic Standing

  • Take a full course load of four classes
  • Pass at least three of four 10-credit letter graded courses and earned a GPA of 70 or higher on the most recent report card
  • You must receive passing grades in English, Physical Education, or Dance, if enrolled

2) Parent/Guardian registers you with CPSD Athletics via FamilyID

  • Select either “Crew (Girls)” or “Crew (Boys)” regardless of Varsity or Novice
  • Parental permission, agreement to participate, agreement to the handbook
  • Understanding of the Hazing, Bullying, and Chemical Health rules

3) Fill in this contact information google form

4) Submit the following documentation to the Athletics Office – In person at Door 14, War Memorial Building, or via email addressed to,,, and your coach.

  • Proof of Sports Physical Exam (good for 13 months)
  • Concussion Course certificates from the athlete AND a parent/guardian (good for 1 academic year)

5) Sign an online US Rowing Liability Waiver (must be in Athlete’s name, good for 1 calendar year)

  • Under Individuals click “Join” or “Members”
  • Create or log in to your account
  • Enter “BSK4V” for the Club Access Code

ALL ATHLETES: Athlete completes an Unavoidable Absence Calendar

  • Put an “x” under any day that you anticipate missing crew for an excused absence due to health, academic, or religious reasons
  • Continue to edit this document as you learn of absences throughout the season

DURING the first week…

6) Pass a Swim Test (good for 4 years)

  • Administered by the team at the start of every season
  • Swim 100 yards in a competent manner and remain afloat for 15 minutes unassisted

7) Take the ImPACT Test (good for 2 years)

  • Computerized baseline concussion test given to athletes at the beginning of the season