To stay fit throughout the cold winter months and to get ready for the Spring 2016 season, the Cambridge Recreation Center is hosting the Crew Winter Training Program from Monday 11/30/15 – Friday 3/11/16.

Program Expectations:

  • Must be a City of Cambridge resident between 9th-12th grade.
  • Read the article about training for 2k erg tests linked here:
  • Pay a non-refundable $300* program fee by check made payable to “Marcus Caimi” with the memo “Crew Winter Training” to Coach Caimi in Room #2204 at CRLS.
  • Compete at two indoor regattas: Ergzilla (TBD) & C.R.A.S.H.-B.’s (2/28/16). Registration fees are not included in Winter Training payment. More information about how/when to register for these events will be made available soon.
  • Maintain a minimum of 90% attendance (the two indoor regattas are mandatory).

*If this presents a financial hardship for any family, please contact the coaches to discuss other options.

Click here to register for the Crew Winter Training Program by 11:59pm on 11/23/15!

It is the expectation of both Coach Kate and Coach Caimi that all student-athletes wanting to participate in CRLS Varsity Crew in Spring 2016 will either:

  • play a Winter Sport (CRLS, club, private, etc) OR
  • join the Crew Winter Training Program