Welcome to Spring Season


Welcome to the Spring 2013 season! We’re very excited for the coming season – our 14th! Here’s a checklist of things that need to be done, and some optional items, before we get on the water on March 18th.

Everyone looking to join Crew this Spring MUST do the following

1) Have a valid sports physical to start the season. However, if your physical expires during the season, you’ll have to stop practicing until you get a new one. The coaches have a list of the physicals that the CRLS Athletic Department has on file. If you have a question about your expiration date, contact crlsrowing@yahoo.com.
2) Complete an Online Concussion Course. See the “paperwork” link under Registration above. Again, coaches have a list of current Concussion Forms.
3) Be in good academic standing. See the team Registration page for details.
4) Complete the Family ID sign up See the “paperwork” link under Registration above. March 8th is the deadline to register for Spring Sports.
5) Complete the CRLS Crew online team registration.
6) Complete the CRLS Crew online race waivers.
7) March 10th and 16th, Boatwork! Both days at the boathouse from 11:00 – 1:00. We’ll begin getting the equipment ready.

Here are some optional, but good to do, things to get ready:

1) February 25 – March 15th the CBC is holding workouts for anyone interested in getting ready to row this spring. Go HERE for more information and to download the registration paperwork at the bottom of the page. Everyone looking to workout must turn in THIS paperwork.

2) March 6th from 6 – 8pm Cambridge Parks and Recreation Director Paul Ryder is bringing in a group of educators from the Positive Coaching Alliance. They will do three separate works shops, one for coaches, one for parents and one for Athletes. The three workshops are: The Double-Goal Coach®, whose first goal is winning, and whose second, more-important goal is teaching life lessons through sports; The Second-Goal Parent®, who concentrates on life lessons, while letting coaches and athletes focus on competing; The Triple-Impact Competitor®, who strives to impact sport on three levels by improving oneself, teammates and the game as a whole. This is open to anyone.

First day practice Monday March 18: meet in the CRLS cafeteria.

First Week Practice – see the link above.


From CRLS to St. Ann’s Parish:

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From CRLS to the CBC:

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