Spring Training Thanks

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Our spring training week was very successful. A huge thank you to the parents who brought and served food.

On the boys’ side: Michael Bierer, Janet McKee, Claire Silvers, Elizabeth Bierer, and Sarah Callahan each took charge of a day and had help from Jennifer Hogue, Elaine McCarthy, Sybylla Smith, Georgia McKee, Roberta Goto, Narguès Guilhou, Liz Conlin, Marti O’Mara, and Chelly Salcedo.

On the girls’ side, Lynn Cadwallader and Mary White organized, with help from Richard Barran, Denise DiIanni, Nadine Berenguier, Win Lenihan, Chris Colbath Hess, Madhvi Patil, Dominique Stassart, Anna Swan, Janet Randall, Mary Ruggiero, Karan Marsh, Cyndi Mark, Jan Lerbinger, Judy Epstein-Fisher, and Chelly Salcedo.

(Thanks and apologies also to those whom I inadvertently omitted!)

Thank you to the coaches for spending their whole week with our kids when they could have been off on spring break!

Our next events are: races on the Charles Wednesday afternoon with Belmont Hill (Powerhouse stretch), G-Row (probably the Herter Park stretch), B-Row (not sure); and the GBL Regatta on Saturday the 28th in Malden.



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