Mayor’s Cup


On Saturday we raced BB&N in the annual Mayor’s Cup.

The Boys Team accepts the Cup for another year

Boys 3V:
CRLS 4:29
BB&N 4:31

Girls 2V:
BB&N 4:41
CRLS 4:57

Boys 2V:
CRLS 4:17
BB&N 4:24

Girls 1V:
BB&N 4:40
CRLS 4:49

Boys 1V:
CRLS 4:04
BB&N 4:12

The Boys 3V race was scratched after a college 8 interfered with the BB&N boat just as the CRLS and BB&N entries were on their final approach to the finish line in a very close tie. The BB&N boat appeared to many spectators to have strayed into oncoming traffic by hugging the left-hand shore, but race officials judged that the college boat was to blame and scratched the race.

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