End of Season + Upcoming Barbecue

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It was a big weekend of racing. Thanks to all who came and helped, and thanks to Claire Silvers for organizing the great food yesterday and all season! Yesterday was the inauguration of the CRLS crew grill, thank you to Michael McKee for organizing and assembling it — judging by the crowd of rowers swarming around it, it was much appreciated. Thanks also to the parents who went out and bought extra grill food, watermelons, strawberries and popsicles to see us through the long day. A huge thank you to Tim Bass for organizing and driving our trailer, and organizing and setting up tents all season and these past three years. Thank you to all who have trained with him and are ready to take on this important job for next year. We are not always as lucky with the weather as we were this year!

A huge thank you to Coach Dale for driving the boats out to Worcester late Friday evening, driving home and out again early Saturday, driving the boats to Lowell Saturday evening, and repeating the process. Thanks to all the coaches who gave their time for this roughly 16 hour day yesterday.

On Saturday we had our boys first and second varsity and our girls second varsity crews out at the NEIRAs in Worcester. Coach Bill Becklean stopped by to see all the races — he gave all these boys their start, and now they are graduating. Bill was on his way to be the finish line judge at the Harvard Yale regatta. The NEIRAs are our toughest race, and we were proud to qualify.

B1V4+ 5th in heat
B2V4+ 5th in heat
G2V4+ 3rd in heat

On Sunday we had roughly 40 rowers at the Mass. State Public Schools rowing championships up in Lowell. Our boys first and second varsity rowed together in an eight, and our boys 3rd varsity competed with other schools’ first varsity boats.

The girls’ first varsity event was contested, delaying the awards ceremony for an hour and requiring the coaches to stay for another hour after the ceremony figuring it out. A boat in the travel lane had interfered with the race. A huge thank you to Mary White and Michael Arnott who teamed up — one riding the bus and the other transporting Coach Emily. Without this arrangement everyone would have been home an hour later!

B2x 3rd
B2- 1st
BN4+ 1st
B1V4+ 6th
B1V8 5th
GN4+ 1st
GN8 4th
G1V4+ 1st
G2V4+ 4th

Our next event is the end of season BBQ on 3 June, preceded by the Girls’ Latin Challenge race — see you there.

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