Saratoga Invitational, Friday 4/22 – Sunday 4/24


Congratulations to all the athletes who competed this weekend at the Saratoga Invitational in Saratoga Springs, NY. With this accomplishment, we take yet another step forward as an competitive elite junior rowing program.

Thank you to EVERYONE who emailed about, paid for, set up, took down, drove to, drove from, and cheered on someone or something related to this weekend’s regatta. It is only through this combined effort that we can celebrate our results…

Saturday 4/23
B1V4+, 4th Place (advance to B-Final)
B2V4+, Silver Medals (advance to A-Final)
B3V4+, Gold Medals (advance to C-Final of B2V4+)

Sunday 4/24
B1V4+, 4th Place (13th overall)
B2V4+, Bronze Medals
B3V4+, 2nd Place (10th overall of B2V4+)

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