Spring 2017 Registration is Open!

Spring 2017 Athlete and Parent Contact Information Needed:
Please Fill in HERE!

From the coaches:
Hi All,

Registration has officially opened for all Spring 2017 sports!! Please take a few minutes to go over this process so that we can get off to a smooth start. The deadline for FamilyID registration is March 13th with no exceptions.

As per usual, instructions can be found on our website, www.crlsrowing.org/registration

We have omitted the crew-specific google form in order to simplify the process, and with it we have done away with our old check-mark registration table.

Let us know if you have questions, but please fill out FamilyID before asking if your physical, concussion course, ImPact test, or academics are in order (we cannot see any of these things until you’ve entered yourself in the system).

Theo and Kate

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New Uniform Ordering

From Jess Jackson, parent volunteer:

Although the spring crew season seems far away, now is the time to purchase crew uniforms if we want to have them in time for the season. We encourage everyone returning for a second season to buy the CRLS crew unisuit if you don’t have one already. All varsity athletes are required to own or sign up to borrow a uni. (Novice athletes wear a loaner tank top.) Note: if you buy a uni, but do not make the varsity team, we can buy back your uni and it will join our loaner supplies.

We will be ordering the unis from JL Racing. JL Racing will open a special web store for CRLS rowers; it will only be open for a week or so. I will let you know when the site goes live and what the deadline is for ordering. We need to know beforehand approximately how many athletes will be buying unis. If you are planning to buy one, please fill out this (very brief) Google form, so we know who will be buying and have a contact email for you.

The more we buy, the better the price we can get on the unis, so here is a moment when we encourage consumption! But of course it’s not required. Let me know if you need to borrow a uni [and the size] so we can set one aside for you.
Whether you are planning to buy or borrow, please let us know as soon as possible so we can be prepared for the spring season.

Thank you!

Jess Jackson
CRLS Crew parent volunteer

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Winter Training regatta registrations

From Coach Kate:

Our winter indoor regattas are coming up soon. Please make sure you register on time. For those of you doing Winter Training, you are expected to register for both regattas.

January 28th – Northeast Erg Sprints
February 12th – CRASH-B

Northeast Erg Sprints registration closes January 21st
(register for and prioritize the 2000m junior event, other events may be entered at your own discretion)
Northeast Erg Sprints Registration

CRASH-B registration closes January 20th
CRASH-B Registration

If you need assistance with registration, please email me.


Coach Kate

Head Coach,
Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Crew

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Winter Training Schedule

The winter training calendar is now on the Calendar Practice page of the website.

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Winter Training Registration

From Coach Kate:

Hi Everyone,

Don’t forget to sign up for Winter Training! We currently have 20 athletes registered, but we won’t be faster in the Spring if only 20% of the team increases their fitness this winter. If you’re playing a winter sport you can still join Crew Winter Training when your season ends.

Don’t make your teammates have to pull you around the river in March. Get fit. Have fun. Join Winter Training!

Parents and athletes, if you have any questions about Winter Training please reach out to me. Registration deadline is in one week! Monday, November 21st and includes a Winter Training t-shirt. Late registrations will be accepted but a $25 late fee will be applied (checks can be delivered on the first day of the athlete’s practice).

Coach Theo, Coach Emilio, and I are excited to work with our athletes this winter, so register today and get ready to dominate in the Spring.



Coach Kate

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