Urgent Request From CRLS Crew


Our most important race (aside from the illustrious Halloween Regatta) is this Sunday, October 29th. We have 95 (!!!) athletes competing at the Massachusetts Public School Rowing Association Fall State Championships (aka MPSRA, Mass Publics, States). To best support our student-athletes I have a few things to note and a few (important) requests to make:

1. Volunteers for the Regatta

This is a public school state championship, meaning there’s no money in it and it is entirely volunteer run. There are so many moving parts to keep a regatta running smoothly for the benefit of the athlete and spectator’s experience and safety. We are the second largest team competing at the regatta and should contribute AT LEAST five volunteers. This can be parents, spare athletes, siblings, friends, etc. It is a unique way to learn more about the sport and an excellent way to support your athlete and represent the team. Please see the request below from the regatta officials.

“We are in dire need of volunteers. A reminder that this is a participant-run regatta. The race is dependent upon your parents and assistant coaches to run smoothly and safely. In the past, we have managed to not require your coaches – I would like to let coaches coach at States. But we only have 6 responses for the 30+ stations we require volunteers for. Without volunteers, we cannot run the regatta. A reminder that each team is required to supply a minimum number of volunteers. The volunteer sign up sheet can be found here – MPSRA Volunteer Sign Up Sheet. A list of the jobs already filled can be found here.”

2. Volunteers for the Team at MPSRA

We need parent volunteers to help set up our tents (3 parents) and prep breakfast (3 parents) early Sunday morning, and to help with lunch (3 parents) and cleaning up (3 parents) at the end of the day. If you can help, please help. Contact Courtney Wilson and John Hollister for more information.

3. Athletes should report to CBC at 6:15 AM on Sunday. All athletes must ride the bus to and from the regatta unless they have submitted a signed transportation waiver.

4. Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, Oct. 31
Halloween Regatta. 

If you can, we need the following things donated for ~100 athletes: donuts (and napkins), apple cider (+cups), candy (separate chocolates from vegan/fruit flavored candy), ~30 simple toy prizes (you’d be surprised how excited they get over a yo-yo, bouncy ball, or a box of protein bars). My biggest request is that you DO NOT SET THESE THINGS OUT UNTIL THEY FINISH ROWING/PARTICIPATING AND I HAVE GIVEN THE OKAY. The regatta will take place at CBC during practice hours 3:30-7:30 PM.

Saturday, Nov. 4th
Fall Clean Up/Winter Prep + Pancake Breakfast

Considering it’s going to be 81 degrees today on the 27th of October, it’s hard to imagine it will snow or that the river will ever freeze over again, but given the chance that it might, we have to pack up the boats, pull out our launches and do a bunch of other tasks to prep for winter that are great for parents who like to work with their hands, use their muscles, and direct kids to lift and move heavy things at the same time (maybe you’d like to be my assistant coach in the Spring?). The fruits of our labor will manifest in the form of a Pancake Breakfast that will double as a team fundraiser, put on by the Parent Board. The Board will send out more details, including requests for volunteers for both the Clean Up and the Pancake Breakfast.

Monday, Dec. 4th
Winter Training Begins

I will send more information out regarding Winter Training and Registration Next Week

Wednesday, Dec. 13th

Nutrition Presentation with Sports Dietitian Christina Chu
This presentation will be for athletes and parents at the Cambridge Boat Club from 6:30-7:30 PM

Monday, March 18th

Spring Season Begins
It is never too early to think about the Spring Season. I never stop.
The last thing I’ll say: It is a grave error to assume that with such a large team someone else will step up to volunteer. This mindset often leaves us short handed which drains the volunteers who show up regularly. If you can help, please help. Our most immediate and urgent need is to volunteer at MPSRA, for the Regatta, and for the Team.
Thank you for everything you do for our athletes and our team.
Coach Kate

Kate Smith, MSW

Boys Head Coach

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Rowing


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