Hi everyone –

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who stepped up at the last minute and provided cider and donuts and cookies(!!!) and prizes and so much candy!  And thank you to the parents and coaches who guarded the aforementioned donuts and candy, helped arrange the prizes,set things up, and put things away.  If the number of donuts (110) and gallons of cider (4.5) consumed are any indication, I would say that the team had a very good time at this year’s Halloween.  There were feats of strength, coxswains rowing, and rowers coxing, and there were some pretty interesting costumes. All of that could not have happened without our families and our coaches, so thank you to all for your generosity and support.

We will celebrate with pancakes – and the single bag of candy remaining after the hordes of starving teenagers descended –  this weekend, and then focus on winter training!

With gratitude and appreciation,

CRLS Rowing Parent Board


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