From Coach Kate:

Hi Everyone,

Don’t forget to sign up for Winter Training! We currently have 20 athletes registered, but we won’t be faster in the Spring if only 20% of the team increases their fitness this winter. If you’re playing a winter sport you can still join Crew Winter Training when your season ends.

Don’t make your teammates have to pull you around the river in March. Get fit. Have fun. Join Winter Training!

Parents and athletes, if you have any questions about Winter Training please reach out to me. Registration deadline is in one week! Monday, November 21st and includes a Winter Training t-shirt. Late registrations will be accepted but a $25 late fee will be applied (checks can be delivered on the first day of the athlete’s practice).

Coach Theo, Coach Emilio, and I are excited to work with our athletes this winter, so register today and get ready to dominate in the Spring.


Coach Kate