Fall 2019 CRLS Boys Rowing Practice Schedule

Monday: 3:05-5:30 @ CBC

Tuesday: 3:05-5:30 @ CRLS. (Varsity practices will be early, indoors for the first part of season, we may change to practice on the water at CBC toward end of season.)

Wednesday: 3:05-5:30 @ CBC

Thursday: 5:05-7:00 @ CBC

Friday: Boys are early 3:05-5:30 on even days, Late 5:00-700 on odd days. (Friday practice times alternate with boys: Girls are early on odd days, late on even days.)

Saturday: Varsity only, 9:30am – 11:30 am @ CBC  (Bring running shoes, Varsity only. Boys and girls practices will overlap, one week boys will run/stadium, the next week the boys will be on the water doing HOCR race pieces. )

Sunday: Off (Rest day means rest day. You can do some stretching and mobility work.)